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The West Kilbride Amenity Society was established in 1971 when Scottish local government was being reformed into larger administrative units. West Kilbride Parish was administratively still in the District of Cunninghame.

Formed to provide a unified forum for the residents of West Kilbride, Seamill and Portencross, with Steering Committee membership representatives drawn from each of the foregoing. Its organisation and activities predated the advent of the West Kilbride Community Council, which came into existence after incorporation into the District of Cunninghame and Strathclyde Region.

The Society's aims are to stimulate interest in the character, history and attractions of the West Kilbride area and to encourage the preservation, development and improvement of features of amenity and historic interest.

It is a charitable organization (Scottish Charity No. SCO11125) and one of the oldest continuously functioning voluntary civic organisations in West Kilbride. It is closely affiliated with the Scottish Civic Trust and the Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies.

In 2008 the name of the Society was changed to West Kilbride Civic Society

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